Jan 16, 2012

Men’s Fashion: Denim Ensemble Ideas that Are All the Rage!!

The world indeed seems to have fallen in love with denim. Years ago, Denim (jeans) used to be worn for specific outings such as while working on farms or in mines, however Denim has speedily transformed its reputation and has now earned the credit of being the most staple clothing in the fashion world. During World War II, men’s jeans used to have front down zipper whereas women’s denim used to have zipper on the right side down. It slowly changed into both men’s and women’s jeans having a zipper on the front side. This was in the 1960s. Decades ago, before jeans became a fashion staple, jeans used to be loose fit and large. Denim has now metamorphosed into the most preferred choice to be worn not just at the social dos but also on events where people should supposedly wear formals. Today, the words ‘fashion’ and ‘denim’ are inseparable.  

Denim Shirts
Denim shirts are a manifestation of current fashion. If you were looking for that extra, more tailored touch, slim fit button up denim shirt would certainly look great. Yes, you can add a playful approach to the latest trend by donning western style pants. If you want to tune it up for sunny weather, open and loose relaxed fit lightweight denim shirt along with a crisp white or bright blue tank underneath would simply look unbeatable.

Denim Jackets
Being the best accessory for summer and spring, denim jackets give you comfort demanded by breezy nights and warm days. Be careful not to go for over-sized jackets as these look outdated and unflattering as well. Jackets that fall a tad above the pant zip look trendy. For a more trend setter version, distressed or vintage wash fit the bill; nevertheless classic wash also never goes out of fashion.

Denim Pants
Few past years witnessed the craze for skinny jeans which now has drifted to relaxed fit. Boot cut or straight fit represent the current trend. If you are looking for pants that make you stand out from the crowd, go for black or distressed blue with the finish of acid wash. Relaxed fit pants with rolled up bottom coupled with sandals look ‘cool’.

Denim Vests
If you are looking to pull off the latest trend in denim vests, vintage cut and vintage wash would be the best. An appropriate denim vest resembles jeans jacket sans sleeves, the one that has got seams, proper embellishments and pockets.

Denim Shorts
For denim shorts to look fashionable, the length plays the key role. Straight slim fit cut or cargo shorts that represent Capri length looks fashionable. The length should either be just above the knees or mid-calf. Distressed wash shorts look ‘with the current trend’. Shorts falling just below your knees look a bit outdated. For the warm weathers, you can buy denim, cut it at the calf followed by rolling the ends a tad above the knees.
Denim Blazers
A blazer has earned the reputation as a must have element in every man’s wardrobe. Since few years, men have been getting reintroduced to a more dressed up appearance and a lot of equations in men’s fashion clothing have changed. Denim blazers can work best during the night if worn over a woven shirt and during the day if coupled with a fine knit sweater. The best part about wearing a blazer during fall is you don’t need to exactly match the blazer with the trouser. All you need to do is couple and complement the blazer with your trouser.
It’s quite handy to embellish your wardrobe with today’s buzzword in the fashion industry - Denim. Denim shirts, trousers, vests, blazers and shorts can be worn for different occasions and if you follow some of the tips cited above, you can easily make a fashion statement, no matter where you are – at a party, a social get together or even a corporate do. You can even beautify your jeans with decals and patches to look trendier.
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